11/5/2017 Full moon🌕 Women and moon cycle


Hello there !
Long time no post !

Today is full moon 🌕 !!
Japan time 6:43 am, will full moon at Scorpio.

Would love to learn about moon cycle.
But I have so much things which I want to learn….lol
Moon cycle also not easy to learn everything, so wish learn someday♫

Today’s Scorpio full moon is complete of bonds from 30/10 last year wishes.

New moon is 『Beginning』.
Full moon is『Achievement』,『Complete・Completion』and『Gratitude』

Full moon is release these energy by 『Complete・Completion』.
So, New moon time is good for make a new wish,
Full moon time is good day for release and sametime, timing for 『Gratitude』.

Emotion, Things, People….
Time for release.

Kyeword of Scorpio are
『Revival』『Change』『Forgiveness』『Resuscitation』『Deep bonds』『Soul mate』etc….

And, Scorpio meant sign of 『Past life』
And now, Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is in eighth house,
Star layout are coming up about『Memory of past life』….

If you feel some deja vu, it’s might be memory of past life.  Repetition.
Must think every happens in this timing has something meaning !!

And for me, I got on my period today.
Women’s cycle also same as moon cycle, 28days.

Long time no came with moon cycle !🌟
These month ware no connection with moon cycle, these my average cycle was 25days.

I wish back to same as 28days moon cycle by this chance !🌟

Women’s period comes during 2,3days around the spring tide include full moon day,
And many women has ovulation within 2,3days around new moon day🌟

the reason that menstruation comes in full moon is said to be evidence that women are healthy !
By opening the pelvis as it approaches the full moon and becoming menstrual when its opening is maximized,
There is little menstrual pain and it is possible to detox the blood that has accumulated in the body.

menstruation comes to the new moon is a message saying that the body wishes to detox!

There is a relationship between the moon and the tides.
And the amount of human bleeding also related to the tides.

It’s wonder !!
It’s mysterious !!

The amount of bleeding at the time of high tide is likely to be large!
And so, moon cycle is related to the blood fluidity !

When I think about these things,
I think the natural and right way to live are….
alongs to the laws of nature, and live with the nature !

My normal life are to be far apart…..💦
I wish I could live alongs to the laws of nature and live the nature as soon as possible !

Btw, finally I found where to go on my life 🌟
Please listen to that next time♡lol

And, I would love to spend a time with native american people,
and want to learn ther life and wisdom🌟


At last,
I heard some mystical story,
about the connection between the ocean and human being!

➕ The number of times a wave comes in 1 minute is 18 times.
This is a same as humans respirations per minute.

X 2 = 36.    Average body temperature of the human.

and X 2 again, = 72.   Pulse rate of the heart at normal times.

and X 2 again, = 144.    It’s within normal blood pressure range.

and X 2 again, =288.    It’s number of days the baby is in the mother’s body.
The concentrations of ph in amniotic fluid and seawater of mother are almost the same.

Someone said…..
Human are to be born in the high tide, and to be die at the time of the low tide.

It’s mysterious🌟

Anyways we are part of the universe !
It’s easy to forgot about that with our normal life,
but anyways we are part of the universe !!

I would love to say twice !!
It is important things !!

Please remember always !!

… I want to jump in the ocean😭!!
I wonder there are waves ?!
And here is still cold 😭!!
Btw, I came back to Japan🌟

Have a lovely full moon day !
Ciao ♡
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