For Backpackers, must install 11apps with your journey !


For traveler.
For the backpacker.

Introduce really useful apps ♫ Of course all free apps♡

Smart phone is really important with traveling.
When looking for hostels, ticket for airplane, check for place,
checking for many information….

For me, I cant traveling without smart phone💦

I would love to introduce very useful apps with my journey !

At first,,,,,,,                     = Google Maps = 🌟

I think it’s don’t need to explain !

Android アプリ

I cant go anywhere without this lol
iPhone has deffolt app, but this is more useful than iPhone one.

Now is amazing when I set where I am and where to go,
I can know how to go there by car, public transportation and walk distance !

And about public transportation, they shows me bus number, time, station name… everything !
If I follow them, I can go anywhere where I want to go even don’t know where I am… !

But if you trust them a lot, sometimes they took me some other place lol
Especially GPS !
I trust a lot always….
But always they help me a lot, so I don’t care♡

Must install !

Next is …..          = Currency =

This apps shows me a rate just now with many country currency.

iPhone アプリ
Android アプリ

This is so useful, you can choose from many country.

I guess any country they have.

And if you ofline, they shows me a rate by last online time rate.


For example like a picture, If Japanese yen 10,000 yen,
You can know how much in each country !

Its amazing🌟

Just after arrived in new country I guess no-one knows how much in this countries money,
when you shopping, you can check right here by this app, so it really help me 🌟

I dont need calculat by my self, that’s the best ♫

When I try to discount in South East Asia, type around this much in Japanese Yen then show them,
mostly time they say YES😮! Even I don’t know why??

tap a country which you want to know, you can type how much.
Its easy ♫
If you go to overseas, I really recommend this apps♡


And next is……          = Skyscanner =

When I book a flight, always use this app.

iPhone アプリ
Android アプリ

How it works ?


When you type arrival place and departure place, and if you not decided yet when you flight, you can see which date is cheapest !



You can see which date is cheap and expensive like this picture !

This has LCC and normal airlines.

When you find a ticket, you can book on this app🌟

And other reccomend point !
When you dont know where to go,
you can type 『Everywhere』!
Then you can see all place in this world from your departure place and you can see from cheap flight !!
Amazing🌟  And so fun even just looking ♫

If you use flight I really recommend this app♡



Next ! = imiha? =

This is translation app.

Sorry there are not for Android app💦

iPhone アプリ

I use this when I check the word which I don’t know.
And this shows me German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.

I think this apps for studying Japanese, for understanding Kanji, Japanese.
And you can check really maniac Japanese like OTAKU words.
For example this! Its so funny ! Check these out♫

腐女子 ⇨ Woman who likes comics depicting male homosexual love see also : ボーイズラブ

And When you talking with not native English speaker, Its also easy show them by there own language.
Its useful !♡

And next ……               = Agoda =

Agoda for booking hostels.

iPhone アプリ
Android アプリ

Check these picture !

I dont know why but always some discount ♫

Sometimes even cheap when you go directly to hotel !

And you can book on today if they has room today.



And also this shows us cheap backpackers hotel and guesthouse♫

You can surch on map then tap, you can see price and detail too,
so If you know which area you want to stay, Its so useful ♫

You can book a hostel by this apps, then you can pay at hostel 😉


I recommend with your journey ♡


And next is only for ladies ! Sorry guys !

= Period Tracker Lite =

Its calendar for period.

iPhone アプリ
Android アプリ

This also check picture please !

Its like these !

This is really easy and cute ♡
I use for long time🌟

Its dose’t matter during traveling, period will come every month for ladies.
You can see how many days left until period by cute picture♡

It will flower bloom during ovulation day and possible to pregnant period🌺
And others,
this shows you your average cycle even every month how long days  !
Also in calender, easy to know when your period from when to when,
ovulation day (Its prediction from your cycle )
and also you can know term of possible to pregnancy🌟
You can memo date for sex♡

And also you can memo your body, physical condition,
its really useful !!!

Its not for only traveler ! I recommend all for ladies♡

Just open the apps and tap for start, finish date, so easy♫
Easy to keep useing this apps♡

And also you can backup, you can lock for your security !
Its perfect !🌟

Really reccomend all for ladies♡


And…… = J カレンダー =

Its calender apps.
Sorry maybe this also has not for Android💦


J カレンダーis specialization for Japanese.
I was looking for moon sycle calender, then I found this🌟

And things important for me is can choice when start week !
For me is from Monday!

You can choice from Sunday too🌟

And this has a public holiday (Japanese one💦), And others like these pic←、Japanese calendar’s six labels, 24 divisions of the solar year, memo, Picture, you can use like a daily.


Maybe you can use for study Japanese ?? And Japanese traditional time flow ??


And the last….    = Magic sea weed =

This is for surfer ♡
You can see wave report for all over the country !


You can see wave report !

Wave forecast, overview, hight swell, wind, tempature, sunrise sunset time….and many more !!




And you can see the surf point on map and direction too !

And picture of that point, restaurant, cafe, surfshop also you can check !🌟


Amazing !!!






= Some more others which I used to use apps =


= CouchSurfing =

Ditale for this page HERE



= Air bnb =

Its like a couch surfing but not free🌟




That’s all ?!
I would be happy If these info help you !
Thank you ♡



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