Actually, has a deep meaning about this KANJI『気』. You must be surprise when you know why!


Do you know about Japanese KANJI ??

Actually, every KANJI character has a some meaning.

Today, I gonna introduce about this KANJI,
When you know about this deep meaning, you must wants to know more KANJI !

It is….. 『気』

Do you know this KANJI character『気』??
Its call 『KI』and this KANJI used for
『元気』= Healthy(powerful), 『病気』= Sick, 『天気』= Wether, 『空気』= Air.
like these, and many other more.

Normally we use 『KI』is 『気』.
But it is new character and before war, we use different character for 『KI』.
And I heard about this meaning, I surprised and I promise never use this 『気』.
I heard we better to not use this  KANJI『気』.

And many Japanese dosen’t know about this, I wish they realized and use change to old 『KI』.

Why better to don’t use this 『気』??

Here, 6 reasons why ??
And how is old character ??

It is…….. 『氣』
This KANJI has a really deep meaning, and when I know this,
I felt what a wonderful Japanese Traditional is !

Here we go !

➕ Used to『氣』before war. 

Originally in Japan, we used to this氣』.
But we lose war and became under U.S. occupation.
By General Headquarters, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (GHQ/SCAP),
the review of the KANJI was carried out
and changed『氣』to 『気』.

Why GHQ/SCAP did like this ?…..

➕ What the difference between『氣』and『気』??

Difference between『氣』and『気』are inside character『米』and『〆』right ??
『米』character shows all(8) sides, and meaning is spread through to all sides.
Another is, 『〆』character means to lock up, to shut up.

➕ What is KANJI『氣』means ??

This KANJI『氣』character has meaning of『energy 』
We can imagine these KANJI, 元氣・病氣・天氣・空氣,
origin healthy(powerful) energy, sick energy, sky energy, air energy.
that means….
KANJI『氣』is spread through the energy to all sides.
KANJI『気』is to lock up/ to shut up energy inside.
It’s totally opposite meaning.

➕ How made『氣』is ??

 In Ancient Japan, power of the heaven and the earth called『KI』.
『气』← This part modeled the heavenly body,
『米』is the spread through the energy to all(8) sides,
 Under the heavenly body, The human spread through the energy to all(8) sides.

And one another story,

➖ 『气』← This Hieroglyph character shows vapor, water vapor(steam),
『米』← This KANJI call『KOME』means rice,
and this KANJI『氣』is water vapor ➕ rice.

It’s totally seems like a making steam rice !
Rice is indispensable food for the Japanese.
It’s power of energy !
Eat rice, then became healthy (powerful) !

➕ The Japanese cultural belief 『言霊』KOTODAMA

Japan has a cultural belief 『言霊』(言word/霊sprit,soul).
Spirit, soul to dwell in words andnames, and
We believe 森羅万象(Shinrabanshou)=All creation, nature, the universe) are made from this.

Also write『言魂』(言word/魂sprit,soul)

KOTODAMA works for unconsciousness. ( It’s subconscious !)
And also KOTODAMA dwell in language and character.

Then, we thinking about …..

➕ Why U.S. changed『氣』to『気』??

Because…., to lock up energy.
To shut up energy inside.
I think they want to assist us to shut up energy inside by our self.
That’s why changed『氣』to『気』.

I suprised so much……
U.S. understood everything and changed……

They ware going to change Japanese start from our soul and mind after having known all,
even we doesn’t  know…….

There are many other things same as this situation,
…These stories for another time !

For your infomation,
『氣』is the『movement』in oriental medicine,
and some movement are hurts → 『氣』is hurts.
This 『氣』means energy or, like a『reiki』

About KANJI『氣』and『気』

I think many people doesn’t know about these difference, even Japanese.
We usually used to this『気』.

But If you use this『気』even without knowledge,
meaning, and your now, future will change.

Words and laungage dwell spirit and soul,
Flowing 氣 energy in a human.

Spread out the energy by using this『氣』kanji.
Spread out, circulation, high vibes energy going out from here.

In contrast, if u use this『気』kanji, lock up energy inside,
no circulation, ki energy to stagnate, and will be not feeling well.

Its big problem right ??

Just『氣』, but『氣』.
Is this really interesting right ??

Please share this story to your friends, and using this 『氣』from now 🙂 !

You using this『氣』or『気』,
spread out by KOTODAMA,
input in unconsciousness, subconscious,
it will change your energy and your reality.

Its up to you which you choice !

Thank you for reading until the end ♡


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