Phuket surf trip from Bangkok. How to get there & Wave info

Surf trip to Phuket from Bangkok♫

Phuket is famous place for surf in Thailand♡

But I heard not only in Phuket for surf !
Other place also can surf I heard….♫

This time, I went to Phuket from Don Mueang Airport by Thai LCC Nok AIR !

I like Nok AIR !
Because good service and staff also nice ♡

Only 1 hour flight, but with water and small snack.
You can buy $18 cheap flight !
And no extra fee, 15kg check in baggage is free⭐︎

Also LCC Thai Lion Air, Air Asia to the Phuket from Bangkok.

Landed Phuket Airport.  Pretty small Airport⭐︎

Go out from Airport, many taxi and Mini van (take you to your hostel ) are there.
This time I found a host on couchsurf,
so don’t go to the beach town, Ill go to Phuket town.

Go out from Airport and walk to left side,
there are Yellow Airport Bus,
cheapest way to the Phuket town 😉
around 40min to Phuket bus terminal.


Maybe this is bus stop and price ??    From Airport Bus HP.
Not sure but might was not B100 to the Bus terminal….💦  Guess more cheaper ??

This time my host pick me up at bus station,

Town to the beach is bit farther,
so take a local bus from Central Phuket to Kata / Karon beach.
Price is only B35⭐︎

Phuket is only rainy season (May to October ) has a waves,
This year could surf until November.

When I go to Phuket, I never took my surfboard,
I always rental surfboard at end of Kata beach, next to restaurant are rental surfboard shop.

Shop name is 『 NAUTILUS 』
B500 / Day

Maybe you can ask some discount if you rental some days 🙂

I surfed only Kata beach ! Never surf other place.
Kata beach.

Always I rental, but in here Phuket is no surf carrier with like a Bali …💦

Thats why always came to Kata beach, checking a waves from restaurant,
then rental board to jump in a ocean ♫

This day was no waves😭
But still fun♫

Phuket surfing for me, like this not much waves or….

Like this no good wather, strong onshore wind….😭ww

Phuket waves are mellow images,
but like this day, it’s really powerful and sometimes wave are overhead !
Is scary for me 😭💦

But still fun♫
I’m happy to be in the ocean, and surf ♡

This time went to many beaches,


Nai Harn Beach
Has a rental board shop on the beach.

Karon Beach
Had a waves, but no one out there,
and couldn’t see rental board shop here.

….become long letter, to be continue.

Phuket is not only for surf,
many beautiful beaches, nature,
also you can enjoy night life ♫

For me is only for surf every time….💦

Next is other side of Phuket,
and when I go back to Bangkok, I took a bus,
so gonna write these things !

See you until then ♡



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