Please use natural organic sunscreen which good for you and the ocean !!! and WHY ?!Please use natural organic sunscreen which good for you and the ocean !!! and WHY ?!


Hello there !
Long time no see again💦

I already feel getting close to end of summer.



It’s summer !!


It’s girls great enemy ?!

UV ray.

For surfers,
It’s season for bikini surfing♬

For not surfers too !!

Have you ever thinking about to affect for human body and environment by the sunscreen ??

If your daily use sunscreen has a effect for…..

Your body…?
And for coral reef …?

This time talking about to affect for human body and environment by the sunscreen,
and introduce about my daily use really good organic sunscreen.

I want everyone use these sunscreen,
And I’d love to say 『Please use natural organic sunscreen for you and for the ocean !


➕ What is organic sunscreen ?

Organic sunscreen means,
made by non chemical organic plants ingredient sunscreen.

If  says it’s『organic』,
but some products with chemicals….

Especially seems Japanese organic standard has some loophole….


Please check ingredients before you buy …!


➕ What is SPF / PA ?

SPF / PA means how long can protect from UV.
Number is bigger, UV protect up.
Same as PA +.

But if that number is high, also high burden for your skin too.

Please don’t chose just look the number,
if you put on your skin every 2~3h,
more better way for your skin, and sun protection too !


UV has a A wave and B wave,

 SPF means、
“Sun Protection Factor” block for B wave.
This number means
『How long can it take for the skin to become red after it is exposed to UV rays』

SPF 1 = 2omin ~ 25min

then, SPF30 means almost 10h !

And PA means,
“Protection grade of UV-A” block for A wave.
Means for『How much can your skin prevent blackening』

Shows by『+』
『+』= Increase the time to pigmentation 2-4 times.

If you worry about spot, more important PA than SPF!

➕ So, sunscreen made by what ? 
  And to affect fro the ocean and coral reef ??

If you jump in the ocean with non organic sunscreen,
sun protect ingredient will melting to the ocean,

『UV absorber』⇨ Oxybenzone · camphor extract · cinnamic acid · benzophenone,

And『Preservative』⇨ Paraben

are cause, coral bleaching and reef are dying …..

And 6,000ton of sunscreen ingredient melted to the ocean par year !!
OMG !!!



Please check what’s inside your sunscreen before you buy!

And please don’t buy sunscreen made by these chemical stuff.

I believe 『UV absorber』and『Preservative』are
ofcouse no good for human body !

In State of Hawaii,
State officials are handing out cards and putting up signs saying to use only zinc or titanium oxide sunscreen.

↓ link here
DLNR: Use sunscreen safe for coral reefs


When I snorkeling in the ocean especially beautiful clear water,
I could know coral bleaching…

And I thought『These coral reef also a living before….』
and feel soooo sad ;(

I always gonna want to shout about
『Please use organic, natural sunscreen which don’t kill a coral reef !!』
when I see someone using sunscreen !


➕ Long time I use, my recommend sunscreen / of course For Surfer too♡

Here, It is !!







※ Picture from official『UV natural』homepage

Australian made & owned.  100% natural sunscreen『UV natural』!!

I use this since I met this when I was Australia ♡

Until that time, I doesn’t care and use chemical sunscreen which I could buy everywhere.
And when I junped in the ocean……

It was so painful when melted sunscreen to my eyes…..
It was really strange taste and feel so bad when melted sunscreen to in my mouse…..

When that time, I have no idea about knowledge,
but I felt『This is no good for my body』but keep using …..

Then I met 『UV natural』!

Let check how amazing this sunscreen ♡

『UV natural』official page


And sponsor for pro surfer Kate Skarrat, soul surfer Bethany Hamilton….and more !
※ Picture from official『UV natural』homepage

You can use for your sweet baby, brown package
『UV natural』SPF 30+ 2hrs water resistant

For surfer, ocean, mountain, river and for sports. blue package
『UV natural SPORT』SPF 30+ 3hrs water resistant


➕ Some otehr recommend organic sunscreen

SURF YOGIS』⇨ Official Homepage

※ Picture from『SURF YOGIS』Japan

I also use this from this year, feels really nice♡


*『MANDA』⇨ Official Homepage

※ Picture from『TABI LABO』page

I read this『TABI LABO』page after that, I interesting this a lot.
From Myanmar, all organic sunscreen*

Introduce in Japanese at『TABI LABO』
This page ⇨ 天然素材でできた、海に優しいオーガニック日焼け止め『MANDA』


It might many other good stuff,
These are my special recommend *

Hey everyone!
Please use natural organic sunscreen which good for you and the ocean !!!

And keep our beautiful coral reef !!

Always choice good for us, and good for environment, ocean, nature, for the earth !!
Please !!!!!

Thank you !



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