Must go to “Dream World” when you in Bangkok !


1 hour drive from central Bangkok?

I went to “Dream World”  Its a wonder land !!!
location is bit farther away from Don Mueang Airport.

It was soooooo fun !!!♫

I promise you must go here when you in Bangkok !!

Really recommend !!


There are so many attractions, everyone can enjoy ♫


How to get there

You can go by bus from BTS victory monument station, Bus No is 538.
But we ware too lazy to take a bus, so we went by taxi.

Taxi is so cheap in Thailand, You can go around $10 even takes 1 hour, and use hi way  😉

But sometimes taxi driver can’t speak english,
Maybe bit difficult to get a taxi for you ??

In that case, you can use  Grab Taxi (⇦Jump to App store)  app !

You can say where to go, and where to pick up all in app,
so you just jump on a taxi ♫

#How to get back to Bangkok is end of here.



Foreigner Price Free Pass ( Not include some attraction )   B1,000
… Little bit expensive 💦 But worth paying money for this I promise !

Thai people Price
Entry fee                     Adult B200 Child B180
Free Pass ( Not include some attraction ) B480
Free Pass ( All include )                 B560

Some attraction means go-kart and swimming pool.
And if you have a work permit in Thailand, you can entry by Thai people Price.


Now started introduce this lovely Dream World ♫

Here is so many thrill attractions, but I can’t ride these, lol
so this time will not introduce here but if you like, you can enjoy so much !!

And one more things, If you like to ride like a splash mountain,
better to take rain coat, advice you will totally wet lol

You can buy in a park 😉


Animal Show

At first, we went to Animal show !

Show time start from Weekday 12:00/14:00・Weekend 12:00/14:00/15:15?(⇦Not sure last one….)
20 min.

Its really funnily enough  🙂
Perfect Western style Thai guys appear on the stage ⭐︎
Of course all thai language, totally couldn’t understand what they said ! lol

Flying birds,
I wonderd what Animal show is …
Dogs and cats…. lol
I’ll keep secret for you what dogs and cats show you here ♡
You can enjoy when you watch this show ♫

It was really fun ♫


Snow Park

And Snow Park !
Here is Thailand all time summer !
Everyone might wanna had snow view ⭐︎

Here is Mammoth♫

You can borrow warm jaket and boots at entrance 😉  (Its free)


Yey Sleigh ride ♫
Was so fun I really enjoyed many times♫

But It was so freezing !!
Then went out lol

You can enjoy snow view @ always summer in here Thailand♫


Giant House

I am impressed !(Not sure this picture is Giant house or not …💦)

You can visit Giant house ⭐︎



Up side down House(⇦Forgot a name 💦)

Everything’s up side down♫
Here also amazing⭐︎

And in a park….




There are many big art work might know somewhere….♡
Everything real, lovely and amazing⭐︎

You can really enjoy even just walk around !










And how can I say these stuff,

Play some games, and win for these soft toys.


I never ever need these scary fish soft toys lol

And where is here ??
Might not Disney land ?! lol

Anyway every steps, here shows us many interest things which I want to say somethings !!!

Never ending having fun♫


And here is big show ?!

Hollywood Action !!

This was wonderful !!

Has a story, some of us join the show !
Real fire and smoke are surprised me !!
And i worried about this fire ! Was huge fire !!


Must have a look !!!

Show time start from…  Weekday 14:30・Weekend 12:30/14:30/16:30

Don’t miss it !!!!


And at last….


What’s this?!

Then step into here….









Wow !!

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower,
Wow ! Colosseum and Angkor Wat in Cambodia !!

Sphinx, Pyramid in Egypt….
Great Wall in China also was here maybe….?

If you go to Dream World, you don’t need to go all over the world ♫

Wow ! Amazing !!! lol

What a wonderful place Dream World !!♡


And the others, 4D attractions, many photo shooting spot,
of course there are many kind of restaurant too.
You can enjoy all day in here ♫

Here is not Disney land, not Universal Studio !!!

I never seen like this wonder land in Japan, maybe not in your country too !

I really reccomend to visit Dream World when you come to Bangkok !
Maybe you regret if you not visit here 😉

B1,000 worth paying money for this I can say many times !!



How to get back to central Bangkok

On back way, when you go out the gate,
Mini van waiting for you out there.
To the Victoria Monument station.

You can say『Bangkok ! Van ! BTS !』to someone around there,
they can tell you which one is 🙂

Maybe this van will be wait until full of passenger,
might be wait until full.

It was cheap maybe around B40.

Bangkok has big traffic jam at afternoon,
van and BTS is maybe better than taxi on back way.
More cheap and faster !



What a amazing lovely Dream World♡

Really reccomend to go♡
Enjoy !!!


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