26 / 5 / 2017 Super new moon in Gemini. ~ New start ~


26 / 5 / 2017  Am 4:44 (Japanese time)
Will new moon in Gemini.

Today’s new moon is super new moon.
The moon most closest with the earth, energy is so powerful !!
It can not see, but the moon has  really strong energy ….☆

Super moon is not only full moon !

New moon means beginning of new cycle,
You need to release your old energy first for start new cycle.

This super new moon to affect, your problem of release might will be in your real.


This month, and also next month will be super new moon too,
It really strong purification effect.

It might some problem coming up in your real.
For me also coming up some problem what I need to release….
Purification, cleanup……

I need to face myself….!


Topic of Gemini
Curiosity. Brisk. Communicative competence.
Pure heart like a kids.

Gemini planets in astrology is Mercury
Mercury is to rule of communication and consideration.

Gemini+New moon
The sign of time to start communications.

Mercury is most closest planet with the sun.
Gemini energy is go to be the sun.

Go to the shining energy, pure heart like a kids,
grow up with get many information.
And wanna be share to everyone that information.

These are Gemini new moon.

And it’s super new moon !


Until today, It was refreshed your friendship for future !

And friends who spend time with you in remaining of 2017,
just finished make a base of your soul group communication, and will into next step !

For a month from today,
your level up and some hint your soul where to go,
some lessons of your soul group creation,
It’s time to exchange some information and communication !

I feel, this one month might really important period….!

Coming up some problem what need to release,
your level up and some hint your soul where to go,
and some lessons of your soul group creation…..

With your friendship and your soul group will be settlement…..!
And share.

New beginning☆

So for everyone,
Super new moon in Gemini.
Purification and release your old energy,
learn somethings with your soulmate who live together with you,
and share many informations,
go to the shining way☆
With your pure heart, and please follow your heart ☆

Have a lovely super new moon day♡

Thank you♡



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