What a spiritual meaning of sneeze, cough and snivel ??

Message from Body

Hi there !

I haven’t a cold, but never stop sneeze and sniveling…
And coughing too …..

Seems really I catch a cold, but I never have a cold ( I believe so )
and I haven’t a cold last 10 years 😉
That’s why it’s haven’t a cold !

And when I feel a bit under the weather,
I’m into checking that spiritual meaning⭐️

I think『Spritual Meaning』means, sign/messages from the universe.
And I think Universe always try to send us to many kind of sign/messages use by many way to tell us !

So, Its MOTTAINAI if you could’t realize angel message and sign !

And  Janapnese call『病は氣から YAMAI HA KI KARA』
That’s means I think same as 『Fancy kills or cures』??
But 『YAMAI HA KI KARA』sounds more close like a illness starts in the mind?

I think Its connect with body and mind.

If your mind has some sick, body also can’t be fine….
Stress is easy to understand.

I guess stress is most not healthy for body and mind !

Then I checked 『What a spiritual meaning of sneeze, cough and snivel ??』
….What’s that !? lol

First is sneeze….


It’s good news everyone !!♫

Actually sneeze has really good meaning♫

Spilitual meaning of sneeze is….

『It’s sign of  “angel flying just next to you !”

Flying Angel droped a feather into your nose, then you sneeze !
And after sneeze, you got a luck because of angel ♡

What’s that luck ??

Purification your aura and shining🌟 Healing 🌟 Your wish come true🌟

Your aura will shining, and purification because of angel !
When aure is shining automatically comes luck !
Sneeze is omen of great luck by angel♡

And others,
Angel wing has healing effect,
Just after the sneezing,  will be wrapped your body by full of healing energy by the effect of angel feather ♡
Then you will be fine, be all great♫

And, Just after 3ceconds afrer sneeze, your wish come true ♡
…..It’s sounds difficult💦

So, It’s a sign of angel flying just next to you when you sneeze♡


And next is snivel !

What a meaning of snivel ??

It happun trable of nose when lymph flow dose not good.
Lymph flow link with body energy flow !
So, snivel, nasal inflammation are made by stagnation of energy of couldn’t see by eyes !

By the eyes of chakra,
And Third eye(Intuition・Wisdom・Imagination)
has too much burden, then couldn’t revolve the energy.

That’s mean,
When you has problem of snivel, it’s sign of lymph flow, and energy are stagnation.
『Has a burden because of out of balance of your body and mind !』
『Please realize your discord between real and what your soul want!』
It’s sign from universe !

When you got a snivel, take a rest, and do massage for lymph flow well,
and also good to maditation with imagine body energy circulate well♡

How profound snivel is !!

And about cough.

What spiritual meaning of cough ??

Cough is, Sigh of when you save up something in you.
It is tendency when you can’t say what you want to say….
When your stress and your thought couldn’t go out,
It’s to gather in your body, then go out by the cough.

And also has cough when you are out of balance of input (Absorption・Accept), and output (Excretion・Utterance)
When these time, your body try to be in balance, and output by cough.

And, cough to show you about your wish what you want to exclusion by the unconscious,
troublesome, irritating😮!

Wow !!  Consent !!
These days are totally like this situation for me😮!

In summing up,

Message and sign from universe and your body.
What dose spiritual meaning ??

Sneeze 🌟 It’s sign of… Angel flying just next to you♡

Snival💧 It’s happun when your energy to stagnate.

Cough 🌟 It’s sign of… You save up something.

For me….
『It couldn’t say what I want, troublesome and irritating, and save up these things in my body,
but angels flying just next to me, that’s all right ?!?!』
Is that meaning ?🌟

By the way these days, I saw so many angel number 🌟
This also sign from universe that mean It’s right way to go ♡

Realize message from the body, and know what these spiritual meaning,
wish everyone live in healthy ♫

Thank you ♡
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